Want to offer career support to your employees, students or customers? We provide coaching-as-a-service at scale to businesses and schools who want to ensure their employees and students finish what they start.
  • A CRM that optimizes advisor attention

    At the heart of Lloyd is a CRM that enables advisors to scale their attention without sacrificing quality of service.

    We only show advisors students that require interaction from a human. And we prioritize an advisors inbox based on key performance metrics. In this way, advisors are only engaging in high-impact activities. We do not want to burn advisors our with busy work.

  • Use our advisors or yours

    If you already have advisors, they can harness Lloyd to increase the number of individuals they can advise at a time and also improve the quality of service. Otherwise you can tie into our network of incredible advisors. We offer extensive training to all of our advisors and work with partners to provide any additional training.

    With Lloyd they can communicate to their users using our chat, text, Slack and others and we support multiple advisors working with the same individual.

  • Single source for all their information

    On a single page, get all the information you need from your user.

    This includes a history of activities (such as completing their LMS module), all their attachments (like resumes and cover letters), and an overview on their work and education experience.

  • Custom quizzes, questions and surveys

    Getting survey questions answered can be arduous and unproductive. But they're also vital to any business. At Lloyd, we provide multiple interfaces and touchpoints for individuals to answer survey questions that are followed-up by humans.

  • We go to your customers

    We know where users best engage with our platform, and that's on whatever platform they're most comfortable with.

    Communications can Slack, Text, E-mail and soon Discord and Microsoft Teams. We build tools that integrate directly with these platforms so that the customer never has to deal with "yet another platform" and engagement stays high.

Why Lloyd?

Lloyd scales 1:1 coaching through data and product, lowering the costs and burdens of traditional coaching. We work with higher education institutions, workforce organizations, and employers to ensure they support their learners and employees in reaching their goals.

A combination of technology, workflows, integrations, and high-quality UX for coaching drives scalability in our product, lowering the cost of traditional coaching.


Lloyd partnered with Western Governors University to conduct a case study on the efficacy of our career advising for students attending Anderson University.

Read the case study 

What users are saying about our advisors

“She went above and beyond to help me, wonderful experience!”
“Very engaging and helpful! ”
“Very thorough and encouraging!”
“Absolutely fabulous and informative!”
“You go out of your way to give practical solutions to your clients!!”
“Very informative and helpful”
“Was so welcoming and very helpful”
“Very detail oriented and friendly”
“Provided valuable insights and suggestions”
“Very patient and a great listener.”
“Helpful in encouraging me & giving feedback”
“Very friendly and helpful”
“Has helped me along with both good humour and focus!”
“Very knowledgeable and encouraging”
“Kind human who seems genuinely interested in helping me find a good career fit”
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It was really helpful when Lloyd came in and helped me think through where I wanted to be. And helped me gameplan on the best ways to achieve those goals. Without the structure and support Lloyd provided, I think it would be safe to say I would be a lot less likely to achieve my goals.

Jerry Li
Deloitte Consulting
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When I found Lloyd, I jumped at the opportunity for some much needed guidance and support. Lloyd has kept me accountable to my most important goals, and I am seeing the positive results in my fast moving career.

Gabriella Stephenson
Koneksa Health

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